Story About The 52 and the brand I`M NOT A RAPPER


There was a time a few years ago when Drake was upset that everyone was calling him a rapper because he is more than that. Singer, producer, actor and what about fashion? His manager then designed him a shirt with I'M NOT A RAPPER as a statement.

We want to bring I'M NOT A RAPPER to Europe and continue to be present worldwide with this brand because it reflects our society today! Be who you want to be and not what others see in you. Don't hide and show your personality. Underline your uniqueness with a statement: I'M NOT A RAPPER!

Together with Drake we want to revive the brand with the exclusive THE DRAKE EDITION. We now want to turn the initially simple idea of ​​the statement shirt into premium streetwear fashion. Fully on trend with future-oriented fashion of the highest quality and other projects.